Welcome to TourHuecoTanks.com. This website is designed to connect climbers visiting Hueco Tanks to park guides for back country tours/access. Requesting tours via this website does not guarantee that a tour will go out. Even if a guide claims a tour, your guide is not obligated to take you out on tour. It is your responsibility to ensure you and your guide are on the same page and have agreed upon the terms and conditions of your tour. If a guide claims your tour, and you do not hear from your guide 72 hours before the tour, you can assume it will not go out.
If you are looking to make concrete tour plans, we suggest emailing tours@sessionsclimbing.com to book a private tour.
If you are a guide and want to be added to the guide list, so you can claim tours, please email albert@sessionsclimbing.com to be added.