Here is a list of Hueco Tanks guides and their contact information.

Name Phone Number Email Description Rate
Albert Alvarez Private Albert climbs at Hueco Tanks! $55/person
Ross Andrea Private Private Currently out of the area. I'll be back soon!! $25/person
Melissa Bennett +19283588604 I like to climb boulders at Hueco Tanks with friends. I love cats and believe in Aliens. $25/person
Clark Bledsoe +19045049639 I spent years managing the Hueco Rock Ranch for the AAC and love everything about Hueco. I now live in El Paso, and besides climbing, I act in local theatre and enjoy the challenge of trying to pet all the cats in my neighborhood without getting my face clawed off. $25/person
Robert Hardage Private Robert has visited Hueco Tanks since 1998. He has guided tours since about 2017. Please contact for rates (vary by tour size). $42/person
Ryan Keene Private Private Ryan climbs at Hueco Tanks! $25/person
Casey Mangan Private Casey is a California native who has called El Paso home since 2020. He is an attorney at a local NGO by day but gets out to Hueco whenever he can for the world class bouldering and underrated roped climbing. Casey also frequents our other local crags in NM and Chih and is part of the local running community. $25/person
Joseph McDaniel +19154729094 Private Joey was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, and Hueco Tanks has had a profound influence on his love for the outdoors. He has been guiding in the park year-round since 2014 and has a great passion for showing visitors/locals around the park. Joey is a trained field biologist with a specialization in Chihuahuan Desert Flora and Fauna. His master’s thesis was on the freshwater zooplankton communities inhabiting the temporary rock pools in Hueco Tanks. $25/person
Ryan Peraita Private Private Ryan climbs at Hueco Tanks! $25/person
Brenner Rauch Private Private Brenner climbs at Hueco Tanks! $30/person
Sammy Reyes Private Private Sammy climbs at Hueco Tanks! $25/person
Michael Rosenbaum Private Private Michael climbs at Hueco Tanks! $25/person
Daniel Setiawan Private Private Daniel climbs at Hueco Tanks! $25/person
Liz Soto Private I was born and raised in El Paso and love showing my community the joys of climbing. I especially love taking out new/beginner climbers to Hueco - especially on top rope tours! $30/person
Josiah Stanton Private Private Josiah climbs at Hueco Tanks! $38/person
Kat West +18644202056 Kat climbs at Hueco Tanks! $25/person
Anthea Yur Private Private Anthea climbs at Hueco Tanks! $25/person